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Miyoo Mini V3 Handheld Game Console 2.8-Inch Retro Gaming System

Miyoo Mini V3 Handheld Game Console 2.8-Inch Retro Gaming SystemItem NO.: MU3353468 X 5

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Miyoo Mini V3 Handheld Game Console 2.8-Inch Retro Gaming System
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    1. The supply chain is still messed up. We are not sure when it will restore. 

    2. We have always been in close contact with miyoo, and we are eagerly waiting for new progress.

    3. If you really can not pay for a preorder without knowing a shipping date, please do not preorder the miyoo mini v2/v3.

    4. If you like the idea of 2.8 screen, it is recommeded that you consider the Anbernic RG280V.
    RG280V 2.8-Inch (buy now):

    Pre-order Rules

    1. Estimated restock date: August 10 to August 31. We'll keep you updated regarding the shipment progress. If there is a manufacturer delay in the future, we will notify you. 

    2. No longer wanted /needed: You can request a cancellation when the order has not been shipped, we will directly refund you if you do not want to wait any more. 

    3. Price issues: If the final selling price is higher than the price on the current page, you don't have to pay the difference. If the final selling price is lower than the current page price, we will refund the difference. This means that you will not incur any additional losses due to pre-sale orders.

    More details

    1. Miyoo has announced that the Miyoo Mini V3 is going back into production in August. 

    2. The specific production time is still uncertain, and the final price is also uncertain. It is said to be the same as the previous V2.
    3. Miyoo will completely change the previous V2 screen material when it goes into production in August, and directly use a totally different screen to assemble the V3.

    Key Features

    1. The Miyoo Mini retro games console is the perfect handheld for those on the go thanks to its small form factor. Measuring just 9.33 x 6.5 x 1.8 cm and weighing 110 grams, it features a crystal clear 2.8-inch IPS display at 640×480 resolution that looks amazing.

    2. The console is characterized by exclusive professional optimization system and supports more custom settings, game collection, background music replacement, system hibernation, system language, key mapping, one-key system recovery, etc. 
    3. A combination of Cortex-A7 processor and the new generation of handheld processor, along with 1.2GHZ frequency for smooth experience of mainstream classic games. 

    4. THE MIYOO MINI HANDHELD console is abundantly available in settings, options and gameplay, while providing more stable optimization system.  
    5. YOU WILL BE HAVE FUN: Playing old games on break at work. Good construction, clean organized operating system, middle of the road price.
    6. THE BATTERY LIFE LASTS A LONG TIME: 1900MA high density battery for ultra-long standby time, with double protection for more safety.
    7. GREAT FOR ROAD TRIPS! FITS POCKET! The palm sized handheld console allows easy access to your pocket and carrying around. 

    8. VERY SWEET LITTLE RETRO MOBILE GAMING! It's a really cool & budget friendly gaming device to have on the go.

    9. Come with games: 128G 12000 Games, 64G 8000 Games.

    Package Content

    .1 x Miyoo Mini

    .1 x Storage Case

    .1 x Data Cable

    .1 x Card Reader

    .1 x User Manual


Customer Reviews

I'm in love with the Miyoo mini.
The device is very easy to use right out the box. The navigation was a bit slow on the OS, but it was fixed by the April firmware upgrade. This firmware upgrade also allows you to see the box art while navigating in the menu which is very cool.
Great Handheld for Price. Seller was very customer friendly and even provided shipping to India which is rare. Highly recommend this for any retro gamers especially from India
Very handy little thing.
Works perfect for game boy color and game boy advance emulation which is exactly what I wanted.
So cute works very well with the stock os very well built ton of pre installed games definitely would recommend this you can’t beat this thing at the price point

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