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Reviews (43)
  • K****i
    I couldn't be happier, thanks!
  • c****n
    Unlike the Nintendo Switch, the RG351V is easy to carry and it can be placed in a pocket. The buttons are comfortable and highly customizable. It can play retro games that Nintendo Switch cannot. It comes with pre-installed games, but many of them are in Japanese, and some of them have built-in cheats, so they are not the official version of the game.
  • C****s
    This device is absolutely AMAZING!! I have enjoyed hours and hours of fun with it!!!
  • ad****on
    RG351V is great! The build quality feels good, and it is built like a tank. The button presses are crisp, and I really like the clicky shoulder buttons. In order for the system to recognize diagonal input, I must use a force far beyond comfort.
  • g****d
    Be sure to swap out firmware and purchase two new micro sd cards. See 'Retro Game Corps' for the steps.
    Love the gameboy-like feel, perfect for playing retro classics like pokemon, zelda, etc. Had it for a month no issues.
  • Mi****ee
    I love this product and love that you have the option to use different firmware and can add games to it
  • K****n
    I have had several similar devices over the years and none of them are even close to how awesome this one is. It is the perfect size and has a very large and crisp screen for its size. I absolutely love it. The GBA and SNES emulation (which is the main reason I bought it) is absolutely flawless.
  • E****c
    I got this item, OVERSEAS in like 3-4 days. Shipping was fast!
  • S****S
    I loved that there were a lot of games included, but I removed most and installed my favorites instead. Fantastic graphics and decent sound from such a tiny speaker. Dreamcast games are a challenge, but Playstation 1 games are perfectly emulated. I like that cheat codes can be automatically applied when the game is loaded.
  • V****r
    This device is absolutely amazing.
  • C****P
    GREAT Handheld emulation device.
  • H****y
    A lot of fun!
  • L****a
    Great product. Fast shipping. Came with both SD cards.
  • D****e
    I have to admit I didn't find it very ergonomic until I googled RG351v on Google and found ploylab.
  • Ch****ro
    This device is awesome and plays all my favorite games from the past.
  • B****y
    I’ve had it for almost a week and enjoy the capabilities of this unit, but time will tell of the build quality.
  • O****n
    This one is the one! Don’t waste your time or money on any of the other ones out there! This one is the best there is! I’m not even close to being a “gamer” but this thing has already brought me hours and hours of entertainment!
  • A****y
    I’ve bought this for 2 of my friends for gifts and they’re all extremely happy with it. I can’t express how amazing this thing is for the price.
  • H****t
    Finally find the game I've always wanted to play in this console and feel like your life has come full circle again!
  • J****y
    I have to give it to my friends, it's great!

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