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Reviews (16)
  • L****y
    Brings back good memories. Lots of ol' school games but most are the same just different names.
  • B****r
    I like the shape, the rounded ends feel nice in the hand, and for my Medium sized Adult male hands I think it's perfect.
  • S****S
    If you like fighting games they are all here.
  • C****e
    Being able to rotate the device for vertical arcade games is a neat plus too. Solid comfortable controls. PSP now plays like a dream since I've changed the language option over to English.
  • Y****w
    I greatly enjoy it and find the brightness and battery life to be excellent and it handles 16 bit consoles without issue.
  • b****r
    I'm very happy with this purchase.
  • A****d
    First thing is appearance. This console is a little beast. It is easy to carry, buttons are comfortable to control. I used to play for almost 4 hours in a row but buttons are not giving pain to my fingers. The screen has enough brightness. I can see clearly from almost any angle. The rotation is especially helpful if you want to play vertical games. Though I play android games, it’s SD card can be booted to Linux also. Most importantly I don’t face any lagging issue with Bluetooth or WiFi connection which is a very common scenario for this type of console.
  • Y****s
    I really like this handheld retro arcade machine.
  • F****s
    The cool console
  • J****P
    I was worried this may not have been all that high quality, but I was wrong. This device is extremely sturdy, the screen is bright and viewable at pretty much any angle, and the included software gets you going right out of the box. In fact, I was able to play a game not more than 10 minutes after connecting the charger, as through android you can browse and download games through the net. There are a number of other operating systems you can install to increase the usability of the device if desired.Battery life is excellent, and it charges very fast. I'm very happy with this purchase.
  • A****x
    All the games I tried played flawlessly. Easy to pick up and play, you don't need to program anything.
  • H****e
    After getting the handheld, I could load it up with ROMs of all the games I own, which makes carrying my library around so much easier. I have 1500 games in my retro collection, so it's a bit difficult to play those games when I'm traveling for work. This unit made that 100% possible! Controls are fluid, and the emulators run smoothly.
  • I****z
    Good quality
  • L****a
    You can literally feel the quality when you touch it I like that it has some weight it’s not ultra lite weight im keeping this one i love all the games my husband already has 1 similar
  • C****n
    It works really well and is one of the best handheld I have
  • Y****E
    I love this thing it performs in ways I never expected

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